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What are Digital Photo Stories?

"short, personal multimedia tales told from the heart." Daniel Meadows (British educator, photographer, digital storyteller)

Digital Phot Stories or Digital Storytelling involves using computer-based tools to tell a story. Digital photo stories contain a mix of text, images, recorded audio narration, music and/or video clips. Digital stories vary in length but for education a digital photo story of beteen 3 and 5 minutes is sufficient.

A variety of topics can be used in a digital photo story including:
  • a personal recount
  • a historical recount
  • exploring life in the community etc.

This PowerPoint gives some more information about digital photo stories and their use in the classroom.

This Australian site has some great examples of digital stories made by students and also resources for the teacher.
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) - Check out the Made by Kids section!


The following resources will let you get started with digital photo stories:
Using Photo Story to create a digital photo story

Premiere Elements 9 Tutorial

Premiere Elements 9 - introduction

What is Celtx?

Celtx is a program on the DER laptops that you can use to create a storyboard. You can use this for both digital stories and for video storyboards. It has some very cool tools and is easy to use. This screen shot shows you what the interface looks like.Check it out!
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