I've included a few resources to play with.


Google Maps You will need a Google account to use this. Who DOESN'T have a Google account these days? :-)
Google Earth This is an installation. We will be using it. Your choice.


A guide to the game - Yes, it is a game. A worldwide game. And you could put it in your classroom too. This is from geocaching.com
QR Geo-Treasure Hunt - a blog post about a faux geocaching activity using mobiles, QR and a DIY wireless server.
"Using Smartphones in class- geocaching" - an account of how one person did it with their class
Geocaching app - Got an iPhone? Download it and get cracking now!

GPS and datalogging

Dataloggers and Sport Science - see my blog about it 
GPS for Geography Teachers - a useful site for ...geography teachers

Mobile apps and GPS

I have an iPhone (sorry Android users!). Most smartphones can use these apps and they have applications in the classroom too.
Map my ride - has info about apps and mapping. Check the bottom of the page for Map my Run/Walk/Tri/Hike
Runkeeper - same as above.
Garmin Connect - website for Garmin GPS users that can upload .gpx files from their device.


1. Let's make our own map. Click on this link to go to our Unconference GeoLocation Participants map. Follow the instructions. Clicking on Edit gets you started.

2. Using GPS data in Google Earth - You need Google Earth installed. If you do, download the "Erina OzTag.kmz" file to your computer. Click on it and it will open in Google Earth and take you to a spot geolocated somewhere on Earth. With your own GPS dataloggers, anything is possible! Mark out walking routes, Cross Country courses, excursions.