Welcome to Buzzword!
Buzzword is a web-based, highly collaborative word processor and provides support for people working on documents together.
Buzzword looks like a normal word processor, but, it works on the web, and, because it is web-based, the document you are editing is not stored on your computer but on a secure server. This means that you can access your document from any computer with a browser and a web connection.

Buzzword Means Working Together
Buzzword is especially good for collaboration with colleagues or working with students for peer-editing, reviews, teacher-student exchanges and group projects. It's easy to publish it, too.

The Toolbar
When you click on an icon, it expands to reveal the selected toolbar.

You can place a graphic or select an Image from your computer or,browse the web for images on Flickr, Google Images or include URLs for graphics on web pages. Buzzword will upload the image, and then place it at the insertion point. You can drag the image anywhere in the document. You can also size it by pulling on the corners. The Placement icons provide options like centering a graphic or pushing it to the side, or using the graphic as an inline element.

Tables in Buzzword
It is easy to work with tables without numerous mouse trips to the menu bar. SImply hover your mouse over the top edge of the table, then click and drag.

Comments and Collaboration
Buzzword documents work in single-user mode or as the product of several people's contributions. You might have multiple authors, or you'll at least send drafts around for review. Students may have a team assignment or be submitting the paper for grading and comments from the teacher.
Today, you typically do this by attaching Word documents to emails and mailing them to multiple people. The result is a proliferation of documents and comments, often leading to confusion and version collision. But if you have only one copy of the document, collaboration becomes much simpler. The owner can share the document with whomever he or she wishes. Each user sees the same copy of the document and any changes and comments in real time.
You can hide and display comments from the Comment Bar.

Spell Check
Spell check is a feature that we know many people depend on! Buzzword checks spelling automatically and flags misspelled words as you write. It has a personal dictionary where you can add words specific to your writing needs. For example, you can include acronyms that you use frequently, names or other words which are not typically found in a dictionary. You can choose your preferred dictionary from 19 different languages.
In addition to your personal dictionary, each document also contains its own word list - so if you're writing about a topic that uses obscure words, you can mark them as correctly spelled for that document only.

Word Count
Word Count is another key feature for students, journalists, marketing professionals and others. Buzzword automatically counts the words as you type and the numbers are always up to date.

Version History
Unlike most word processors, Buzzword not only saves the document as you work, it also makes previous versions available to you.
You can find these versions of your document by clicking on the History icon at the lower right corner of the screen. A timeline of the versions appears. As you hover your mouse over each version, you'll see who created it and when. Click on a dot to open a particular version of the document. You can also compare versions of the document to see what has changed since you last viewed the document.

Importing and Exporting Documents from Other Applications
You can import documents from Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Open Document format (.odt), text (.txt) and Rich Text Format (.rtf) files. Buzzword can also export files to Adobe PDF.

At the bottom of the screen is a panel that shows you who is collaborating on the selected document and what role each person has. You can also see whether others have the document open and if they are editing it.
  • Co-author - full writing privileges
  • Reviewer - can only add comments to the document
  • Reader - can only read the document

When you share a document, you'll see icons for each of the people with whom you've shared the document. Buzzword shows you more information about each person as you mouse over each icon. For example, you can see if someone is currently editing the document, whether they've opened the document or even if they opened an older version of the document.

Buzzword helps writers produce better and more effective documents.

Happy writing!