1 to 1 in the science classroom - then, now and into the future


What are we doing and why?

It wasn't that long ago when the 2009 cohort of Year 9s were given their red lenovo laptops. So in a space of about 2 years, our students in Years 9, 10 and 11 (almost half of the students we teach) now have their own laptops. So how has our science classrooms changed? And how would it change in the future as more and more of our students have their own laptops. And more importantly, how do we want our classrooms to change?

In this discussion, we'll be talking about how 1:1 laptops already have and will transform the science classroom.

How will we be doing this?

Our discussion will be guided by the three queestions below. The questions act as a guide and we'll see where the discussion takes us. We'll be using Google Documents to collaborate our ideas. There is a link to the Google Doc that we'll be using for each question.

(1) What was my classroom like at the start of 1:1 laptops? How did I use the laptop? How did my students use their laptops?


(2) What is my classroom like now with 1:1 laptops? How did I use the laptop? How did my students use their laptops?


(3) How do I want my classroom to be like with 1:1 laptops? How will I get there?


Have you got a blog?

If you have a blog that details your reflections, journeys and thoughts of science teaching and learning, please add the link below.

Alice Leung's blog

Looking forward to a lively discussion on Monday :)