1:1 in the Language Classroom

How do we teach? How can we evolve? How can we engage our students and give them skills for the future? We will be sharing and collaborating to inspire all of us and our students !!! Looking forward to it.....


* HOW do you engage students in 1:1 Learning?

* WHAT are your favourite Web 2.0 tools?

* WHAT is the best classroom layout/learning environment for Languages?

* HOW can we best support each other - create networks for collaboration?

Please take time to think about these and any other ideas you would like to discuss : ))

This is the TITANPAD that we will COLLABORATE on... then we can all download it as a record of our discussion.

And a Primary Pad

LINKS - - VERY COOL Wiki with links to almost every Web 2.0 tool you could use.

SYMBALOO - MY SYMBALOO of favourites

RESOURCES Click on this link for an extra wiki page to see examples and resources