The journey begins now!


Having just come from the National Curriculum meeting, this landslip feels like a landslide. So, forget that, how are we going to leverage these smart little laptops to make our student's learning more engaging, accessible and just more fun? How do Geographer's work? What makes us different - Maps!!

So, let's map this one out:

a) what did 1:1 look like when we first got the machines and where is it now? Let's develop a narrative here.

b) How far could we push this? What's the ultimate we could aim for? More importantly, how do we get there?

c) Like all good maps there's a "here be dragons" sign! What are our dragons ( issues, things we need to take into account etc). How are we going to get around this?

Let's start with this. Come prepared to share ideas, stories, resources etc. There is no way we can sort this out in 1 hour but if we plan what we need, then we can add to the resources and share. I can add some reosurces to this wiki (a couple of trial pages below) but it would be great if everyone could come prepared not only to talk about Geography but also have an idea of curating all the stuff we create. To start with, here's a Google docs page for you to use for notes etc. Structure can be added later. The aim is to share a first-class set of resources for all Geographers in DEC (big issue in the NC talks - helping our less specialised colleagues - so let's make that a goal as well).

Google Docs:

More Ideas and Resources

National Curriculum