The rural Head Teacher's experience of 1:1

Hi I thought I would use the SWOT analysis to hopefully lead an exploration of my experiences in 1:1 technology.

If you aren't sure what a SWOT analysis is, its a business tool that helps analyse the internal and external environment of a business or project, its just a handy tool for organising thinking, just one way to help organise thinking.

Check out the following for more:

1to1 SWOT discussion, the rural Head Teacher experience

swot templates

The second link is through creatly and I wish I had used the site before doing my prezi!

I guess its a case of not throwing the baby out with the bath water, combining what's working in old school with what is exciting about the new learning experiences.

I'm working on a prezi to use on Monday!!

Should be fun and I am looking for lots of input from everyone!

Finished the prezi, it was fun, but I'd love to have other participants add ideas etc to the prezi, this is the url:

swot 1:1 Prezi

One of the issues faced by rural schools is isolation.

There are many ways to overcome this situation if staff are willing to explore the possibilities.

As a head teacher its important to encourage staff to take on board the opportunities offered, so I have included a section on ICT in my TARS conference. I have included the proforma I use to start a discussion about how a teacher might expand their vision for the classroom:

Working on this!

Just found this link to great ideas for Librarians and others:

Check out VoiceThread: